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For three weeks every summer, the soldiers and horses of the Household Cavalry head to their summer training camp at Bodney in Norfolk. At the end of their stay, they open the doors for a weekend to allow the public a very special view of life in the cavalry.

A variety of exhibits are on display showing the history of the regiment including uniforms of both the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals (both modern day and historical ), and also the modern day armour used by the troops when on active duty in Afghanistan and other conflict areas. Soldiers and officers are on hand to talk to the public and answer questions, and the children can even try on some of the uniform.

The arena has a full day of activities and displays including Tent Pegging (tend pegs of the enemy were swiped by sword or lance to collapse the tent before an attack), horse skills training, inter-forces show-jumping, display of the various horse breeds used by the cavalry, and the highlight of the day - the stunning Musical Ride Display.

It's a fantastic day out and a real privilege to see the soldiers and horses of this amazing regiment in all their glory.
110723 HHC-052 
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110723 HHC-052

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